Established based on a management team who have over 15 years experience in the offshore marine business

Ships & Boats owns and operates its own fleet and other parties’ fleet.

Our services include hiring various kinds of marine vessels

We are putting in mind the core values of the firm while working on our main mission

where we always enhance the core values of commitment, integrity, safety, partnership, accountability and technical excellence.

Ships & Boats is an oil and gas sector-service company established in 2004, by a team of management who began their success story over 15 years ago and had an extensive experience in the field of offshore marine business and oil support services.

Ships & Boats provides a broad range of supportive offshore marine services to the oil & gas exploration and production industry. Our services include hiring various kinds of marine vessels (AHTS, AHT, utility boats, survey boats, crew boats, accommodation barges) that support the following operations: towing, anchor handling, rig positioning, supply operations, salvage operations, research and survey operations. We are always looking forward to positively affect the performance outcome of the oil sector in Egypt and add value to the maritime world clients.